Wholesale Flameless Candles with Timers

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Wholesale Flameless Candles with Timers

When you are looking for a new supplier for any product, one of the main considerations is to know what features your customers want and to choose a supplier that can provide the items that are in demand. Flameless candles are products that sell very well, and it just makes sense to ensure that the wholesale supplier you choose is a forward-looking company that offers candles with the latest features. These features might include realistic wicks or moving flame designs, for example. Recent innovations in design technology have made it possible for LED candles to appear much more real than they did in previous years, and better companies produce candles that are virtually indistinguishable from traditional candles. Other popular innovations include candles that can withstand weather conditions for outside use; the outdoor candle lantern is a product that’s currently very much in demand. A common request from customers is for candles that can be controlled, either with the use of remote controls or with timers. Wholesale flameless candles with timers may require a small investment, but the return on that investment can be significant as it spurs repeat purchases.

How LED Candles Work

LED lights are the most efficient light bulb today. Different types of candles use different kinds of power sources, while larger products generally require larger batteries. But, the best LED candles will give hundreds, if not thousands of hours, of light before their batteries will need to be changed. Some flameless candles even have rechargeable options for hotels, restaurants, and spas.
The best companies offer battery-operated candles that convincingly mimic traditional candles. With a wick design on the top of the candle and no exposed bulb, the light from these candles imitates the glow and flicker of a low-burning flame. Some even feature a flame-effect movement that perfectly replicates a moving flame.
A great advantage of using flameless candles is that, unlike traditional candles, they are programmable. The use of timers for flameless candles is fairly new, but it’s already proving to be an extremely popular selling point. You can very easily set the timer on an LED candle to turn on at a particular time or to turn off after a specific amount of time. Alternatively, you can use a remote to set the timer, making the procedure even more convenient. Using a timer helps to save on battery life as you will never forget to turn the candle off, even if you move to another room, plus it optimizes the battery power!
Flameless candles are always a more economical choice for customers, since one reusable LED candle can reduce their candle budget by approximately 75% over the course of a year.

The Flameless Advantage

In addition to all of these benefits, flameless candles are also very safe. This means that you can experience the gentle light and warm ambience that candles provide with complete peace of mind. A carelessly placed conventional candle can start an accidental fire. Pets or children can knock conventional candles over, which can lead to accidental fire. Many locations, such as hotel rooms or dorm rooms, have banned traditional candles because they are acknowledged to be dangerous. However, flameless candles can be used anywhere, any time!
Find a wholesale supplier of flameless candles and learn more about these beautiful and versatile products!

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