Wholesale Flameless Candles with Remote Controls

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Wholesale Flameless Candles with Remote Controls

If you’re interested in carrying the latest in home décor products in your stores, you should investigate flameless candle products. These attractive and versatile items have been gaining in popularity in recent years, and the reasons are clear. Flameless LED light candles are:
  • Economical. Experts estimate that by replacing traditional candles with flameless ones, customers will save up to 75% of their candle budget within a year.
  • Safe. One of the major problems with candlelight is that, although it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, it can pose a hazard. A carelessly placed candle can set fire to a curtain, for example. Pets or small children can be burned, or can knock over conventional candles and cause accidental fires. Many locations have realized this and banned candles. They’re not allowed in many schools, for example, or in hotels or dorms. Flameless candles, on the other hand, create the same warm and inviting ambience and are completely safe to use.
  • Beautiful. Better flameless candle suppliers offer a variety of styles, colors, sizes and shapes. Whether your customers are looking for tiny tea lights or large outdoor pillar candles, your supplier should have them available. Some of the best selling items are specialty flameless candles. These might include scented candles or seasonal items. Teachers might require Halloween-themed flameless candles to create a spooky atmosphere in the classroom, for example. Parents with small children might seek out Christmas candles that are safe for home use. Candles with messages about friendship or family ties are also sought-after gift items.
  • Durable. With proper care, flameless candles will last for years. Even with daily use, most flameless candles require new batteries only once a year and some even use rechargeable batteries. One product that is currently very much in vogue is the "all-weather” flameless candle that’s suitable for outdoor use and an extremely durable item.
  • Convenient. All flameless candles are convenient, but some take convenience to new levels with programmable timers! Customers use a built-in timer or a remote control to set the timing and duration of their candles. This means savings on battery life, as well as extreme convenience. Wholesale flameless candles with remote controls have the potential to become bestsellers for you.

Choosing a Candle Supplier

Better wholesalers will offer you a variety of products to choose from and some will offer "sets” of candles at good rates. Price isn’t the only consideration, however. Be sure that the supplier you choose features candles that are realistic. The best products don’t show exposed bulbs, but rather have a "wick” or accurately mimic the moving flame of a candle with convincing flame designs. Many are made of wax so that they resemble traditional candles in the way that they smell and feel, as well as in the way they look. The choices should range from tiny tea lights to large pillar candles and they should be available in a wide variety of colours and textures.
Delight your customers with beautiful, versatile flameless candles!

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