Wholesale Flameless Candle Suppliers

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Wholesale Flameless Candle Suppliers

Flameless candles are one of the most attractive products on the market today, combining beauty, safety and economy. Battery operated candles appeal to many different types of customers, and the huge variety of items available means that you’ll be sure to find the right products for your customer base.

Choosing a Supplier

Because flameless candles have been growing rapidly in popularity, there are many different suppliers in the industry. Be sure to choose your supplier carefully; because these products have undergone many innovations in recent years, certain companies have much more to offer than others.  Here are some of the hallmarks of better candle suppliers:
  • Realistic appearance. There are many basic flameless products on the market that look like "fake” candles. These often have exposed bulbs and make no effort to look like actual candles. Better companies have developed realistic looking battery-operated flameless candles that are virtually indistinguishable from traditional wax candles. They feature realistic looking wicks and have a beautiful flicker and glow when on, but still look real when off thanks to the little burnt wick design. Others have amazing moving-flame technology that look just like a true flame and make great statement pieces. Many of these products are made of real wax so that they resemble traditional candles in every way – in the way they look, smell and feel.
  • Variety and innovation in design. Don’t settle for a supplier that offers only a few designs! Today’s best candle suppliers feature candles in different shapes, sizes and colors. Ask questions: Does the supplier make new candles to keep up with trends? For example, multi-colour pillar candles with ombre shading are current favorites. Does the supplier offer candles in various sizes, from tea-light votives to large "all-weather” products? Does the company make scented candles? Do some of the candles with decorative holders come in various materials? Better companies feature glass holders, sconces and even lantern-style holders. Are special occasion and gift candles available? Some of the best-selling items are holiday candles or those products designed to celebrate friendship or family relationships.
  • Technical proficiency.Operational life is a big concern when it comes to flameless candles. How long will your supplier’s products run before a battery change is necessary? Do they manufacture rechargeable candles suitable for restaurants or spas? Many customers like the convenience of candles that are programmable or remote controlled. Does your supplier work closely with engineers to design products that are in the vanguard of the industry?
  • Price. Although price shouldn’t be your only concern, it will of course play a role in your decision. Make sure that your supplier has good value for their products, while still offering the latest convenience technologies.
  • Track Record. Don’t go with an unknown supplier. Opt for one that places their products in well-known stores and that can deliver on its promises.

The Flameless Advantage

Consumers are discovering the practical advantages of purchasing flameless candles. These products offer the beauty and intimate ambience of a flickering candle without the hazards of an open flame. They last for many, many hours before they need new batteries. They make wonderful gifts too, for friends and family.
If you choose the right supplier, your enterprise will also experience the advantages that flameless candle products can bring!

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