Wholesale Flameless Candle Sets Are Top Sellers

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Wholesale Flameless Candle Sets Are Top Sellers

If you’re looking for a versatile, attractive and popular gift item to boost your enterprise’s bottom line, consider wholesale flameless candle sets. These products are growing in popularity as customers become more familiar with their many advantages over conventional candles. Stores renowned for quality home décor products carry premium flameless candles for discerning customers who are aware of the many benefits of these products.

The Flameless Advantage

First and foremost, flameless LED candles are safe. With new advances in design, these battery-operated candles look very realistic – with flickering glows that mimic the real thing. Yet, with flameless candles, the customer doesn’t have to worry about fire. A carelessly placed wax candle, or one that’s knocked over accidentally by a child or a pet, can cause a serious house fire. Flameless candles give customers the flickering glow they want combined with peace of mind. Place them absolutely anywhere to get the effect you want without worrying about creating a home hazard.
Flameless candles are also economical. Rather than constantly replacing candles, customers can get thousands of hours of illumination before needing to change the batteries in an LED candle. Some candles are even compatible with rechargeable batteries. A flameless candle will last for many years, providing ambience and illumination and adding beauty to the home.
Today’s flameless candles are also available in hundreds of different designs, colors, sizes and shapes: specialty candles being a particular favorite. Some of these include holiday-specific items for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and other special days. In addition, companies make candles designed for gift-giving to specific people such as teachers, friends or family members. Other specialty items, such as scented candles, are also popular.
Some flameless candles offer extreme convenience. Remote control candles, for example, or candles that can be connected to timers, give customers complete control over their environment. In addition, some companies feature "all-weather” candles for lantern-style outdoor décor.

Realistic Candles

Design innovations in recent years have improved the look of premium flameless candles immeasurably. Where once battery-operated candles invariably had visible bulbs, today’s best products feature candles with realistic looking wicks or hidden bulbs that convincingly mimic actual flames. These bulbs imitate the flickering flame of real candles so accurately that only close inspection will reveal their secret!
In addition, many LED candles are made of natural wax, meaning that they have the look, smell and feel of traditional candles. Better flameless candles are virtually identical to conventional candles in appearance.
Holders can be an important aspect of the flameless candle as well. While many candles don’t require holders, some consumers like glass jar candles, sconces, and even outdoor lanterns.
The market for flameless candles is expanding as more and more consumers discover the variety of products available. These candles make extremely good gifts. They’re also popular items for DIY decorators, people seeking to create an intimate or cozy ambience for special occasions, and teachers who want to use candles in educational settings.
Flameless candle sets are an easy way for customers to start a flameless candle collection or to create stunning, ambient displays. Talk with a candle company representative today to learn more about wholesale flameless candle sets! 

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