Weather Resistant Flameless Candle Is Perfect for Campers

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Candles are a great way to light up the night on your patio or deck, and even when camping. However, rain and wind can leave you in the dark, making it impossible to keep your candle lit, plus wax quickly melts in summer sun. Using candles and lanterns outside can be a challenge, but more people are replacing their open flame candles with a weather resistant flameless candle. A weather resistant flameless candle incorporates LED bulbs, which are carefully concealed in the candle and hidden from sight. Made a plastic resin engineered to look like wax, these candles give the authentic look and feel of a traditional flame-burning candle and are available in a number of fun patio colors. Realistic wick designs exist that look just like a traditional candle, with a beautiful flicker and glow. If you prefer the look of a moving flame, you can also find candles that show off a faux dancing flame, called Mirage. Safe and clean, these candles are available in nearly every style, size, and seasonal dressing.

Outdoor Use

When you use an open flame outdoors or while camping, it poses considerable fire risks. Users must take the necessary precautions to ensure the candle can’t be knocked over or ignite surrounding materials, like leaves, wood, and patio furniture. If you are unsure whether or not something could catch fire, err on the side of caution and keep the lit candle in a safer area. The flameless candle is perfect for outdoor adventures because it is safe, clean, reusable, and cannot be "blown out.” They are great for creating accent lighting by your favorite shrubs and outlining garden paths. Many people also enjoy using remote control candles in lanterns hanging in trees for a special nighttime look. Campers can also leave their candles unattended without risking anything catching fire. Flameless candles are perfect for the kids’ tent as well, since no matches or lighters are necessary in order to light your candle. Furthermore, the superior battery life incorporated in candles manufactured by companies like Candle Impressions make them a reliable light source for trips and long journeys. Stylish enough for indoor décor, flameless candles are proving to be a rugged alternative perfectly suited for outdoor use.

Weather Resistance

These battery-operated candles are manufactured to be able to withstand extreme heat, inclement weather and even rain. Such conditions would generally make it hard to keep your open flame candle lit, however, flameless candles can operate in nearly any weather or terrain. There are even models that can be scheduled via programmable timers and controlled via remote, making them a much more convenient alternative than the traditional candle. These LED candles are perfectly suited for romantic candlelit dinners with their ambient glow, yet can stand up to the rigors of a long camping trip out into the wilderness.
The weather resistant flameless candle has become popular for both indoor and outdoor use. Many people have gravitated towards using LED candles due to their superior utility, convenience, and safety. Open flame candles need to be replaced often, which can get expensive over time. Flameless candles, on the other hand, are reusable and can give candlelight for up to 3,000 hours, making them the ideal choice for outdoor lovers.

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