Summer Flameless Candles

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Summer Flameless Candles

While we often associate candlelight with special occasions, many people choose to light candles all year round, even in the summer. Flameless candles are a great way to bring the elegant light and warmth of candlelight into your home or yard without the fire hazards that come with having an open flame. Open flame candles must be used with caution: they cannot be placed near flammable materials, left unattended, and should always be kept in a well-ventilated room. LED candles, on the other hand, do not require the level of care of a traditional candle, since they do not pose any risk of fire. Since the LED bulbs generate little to no heat, the flameless candle design is completely safe for any environment and can be used where kids and pets may be present.

Popular Candles for the Summer Time

Rustic wax candles are great for the spring and summer months. They combine rich colour and texture with soothing fragrances to add a welcoming and warm feeling to any environment, plus they are available in outdoor options with optional lantern styles. These flameless candles provide a comforting ambience that can easily coordinate with a wide variety of décor settings. Other types of candles that are popular in the summer months include: currant wax candles, honey wax pillars, and bamboo wax candles. Many of these candles come with programmable timers making them very easy to control and convenient to use. Owners will not have to worry about forgetting to blow out the candles while enjoying a relaxing night in. Simply set the timer and watch your candles illuminate your home and shut off on their own.

Superior Battery Life

One of the elements that make flameless candles so unique is that they do not have to be consistently replaced. Flame-burning candles run out and constant replacement can get expensive over time. The flameless candles by Candle Impressions incorporate industry-leading battery run times into all their products. With over 3,000 hours of candlelight, flameless candles provide a more reliable and convenient option for those looking for the look and ambience of a moving flame. When it’s time for replacement, simply change the batteries and you have a brand new, fully functional candle once again.

Programmable Timer

Many of the candles offered by Candle Impressions have programmable technologies that allow the candle to go on and off at the time intervals of your choice. The timer gives candle owners the convenience and peace of mind to have the candles turn on and off automatically, ensuring that they won’t be wasting battery life by keeping them on or forgetting to turn them off. 
Summer flameless candles provide the ambience and glow of real candlelight without the hazards and risk associated with an open flame. Flameless candles come in nearly every style, size, and seasonal color and are available in both scented and unscented varieties. Flameless candles work well during all seasons and weather resistant options are available that won’t melt in the sun or blow out in the wind. Offering summer flameless candles in your store is a great way to attract new customers looking for unique patio décor and gift ideas. 

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