Benefits of Seasonal Flameless Candles for Your Customers

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No matter what the holiday, there’s a fantastic selection of seasonal flameless candles for your customers.

Benefits of Seasonal Flameless Candles for Your Customers

High quality flameless candles are a robust alternative to traditional candles. Many companies manufacture special festive candles with carved wax and hand painted designs. Being safer than traditional candles is definitely a selling point when your customers are considering a candle for their pumpkin at Halloween, for lighting up Chinese lanterns, or for creating a traditional look on their Christmas tree.
Battery-operated candles can be used with ease in seasonal displays inside and out. Outside, the candles can operate in wind, rain, and heat. That means your customers can use them during outdoor parties during a heat wave without worrying about melting. The seasonal uses for LED candles make it easy for them to not only replace, but be even more efficient than traditional candles. Discuss the possible uses with your staff as the seasons change so they can increase sales with suggestions that customers may not have even considered.
Be sure to point out that battery-operated candles with special seasonal designs or shapes, such as snowflakes or pumpkins, will retain their shape for years since lighting won’t result in melting wax. The longevity of flameless candles adds even more value to an already savvy purchase.
hanging seasons always brings about new shoppers. Carrying seasonal LED flameless candles in your store is an easy way to spruce up your window display without having to do a complete makeover. Just add a few colorful outdoor pillars in the summer, and you’ll have a whole new look!
The holidays is another great time to capitalize on your window display. Often shoppers are out late, past dark, which opens up a great opportunity to show off the true beauty of your flameless candles. Place them in the window with the timer on and shoppers will instantly notice your store and be drawn to it. Companies like Candle Impressions even sell Christmas ornaments with integrated LED candles that can be hung from the window, creating an extra special look that’s sure to bring in shoppers.

Other Great Benefits of Seasonal LED Candles

Since they are programmable, your customers can set their holiday and seasonal displays to light up for a set amount of time each day. With the timer, they can set the candles to start at sunset. That way they can enjoy their display as they arrive home from work instead of rushing to turn it on and heading inside.
The warmth of a flickering candle is often associated with holidays during the fall and winter months, but there’s no reason why your customers can’t enjoy their seasonal flameless candles year round. There are some flameless candles that have color-changing options  and others that can safely float in a pool or pond. Hardy outdoor premium pillars make a majestic centerpiece no matter what the season.
Seasonal flameless candles are a safe and beautiful option for your customers because they can be enjoyed year after year without losing their shape and design.

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