Scented LED Candles

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Scented LED Candles

A recent exciting trend in home décor has been the emergence of the premium flameless LED candle as a major player. While these convenient battery-operated candles have been on the market for many years, recent advances made by industry leaders has led to a boost in sales and interest. One of the most notable of these advances is the improved appearance of flameless candles. While early products featured a silicone bulb at the top of the candle, newer premium candles create the illusion of a flickering flame in a more sophisticated way. The best candles even have a "wick” and are barely distinguishable from traditional candles. Many have a wax exterior so that they also smell and feel like conventional candles. Some of these LED candles have even incorporated the scented candle trend by creating products that emit light perfumes.

Selection Is Key

The range of products available is a major consideration when ordering LED candles from a wholesaler. Better companies carry all types of candles, from tiny tea lights to large all-weather candles that can be used outdoors. Pillar candles of various heights and circumferences should be available, along with different types of tapers and votives. A premium company also offers candles in multiple colors in order to match any décor. Ombre candles that feature different shades of one colour are a current favourite.
Along with candles of varying sizes, colours and shapes, most companies will carry specialty items. For gift stores and outlets that carry giftware, these specialty candles are often among the top selling items. Specialty candles include items such as:
  • Scented candles. LED candles provide a gentle scent that adds to the pleasant atmosphere they create.
  • Seasonal candles. Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays are occasions when friends and family give candles as gifts or when people decide to buy candles to create a festive atmosphere.
  • Tribute candles. Other candles that sell well include items intended for a friend or specific family member. "Mother and daughter from the start, best friends forever from the heart” or "The road to a friend’s house is never long” candles help customers express their feelings on special days.
  • Timer & Remote control candles. Programming candles to turn on or off at certain times can help save money and time.
  • Rechargeable candles. Some companies make rechargeable candles. These are particularly useful for people who use candles on a daily basis or for businesses such as restaurants, hotels or spas.

Flameless Candle Advantages

Flameless candles have many advantages over traditional candles. These include:
  • Safety
  • Economy
  • Durability
  • Beauty
For customers who enjoy the beauty and inviting warmth of candlelight but worry about the hazards of using traditional candles, flameless candles provide a perfectly safe option. People with young children or pets often choose flameless candles, for example. LED candles are also more economical than their traditional counterparts. It’s estimated that you can cut your candle budget by about 75% by using flameless products. Better companies carry durable products that will provide thousands of hours of illumination. And newer flameless candles are very beautiful with modern designs and technology.
Contact a flameless candle company today and learn more about these beautiful and versatile products.

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