Scented Flameless Candles with Timer and Remote

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Scented Flameless Candles with Timer and Remote Control

Candles are a fantastic décor element that can change the atmosphere of a room when lit. They give off a soft light and ambience that provide a relaxing environment. Candles have sensory appeal and the ability to change our moods with subtle light and fragrances. While many LED candles that are offered are safe, clean, and odourless, there are scented options available. Scented flameless candles with timer options, and even remote control options, for optimal convenience and ease of use. Interior flameless candles can provide elegant, yet subtle lighting, while outfitting your home with a variety of beautiful scents and colours. Battery-operated candles give the look of moving flame, without the fire hazards, clean up, or worries involved with an open flame. Though open flame candles are still found in many stores, people have begun to gravitate towards the convenience, utility, and safety of LED candles.

Realistic Wick Design

Flameless candles manufactured by Candle Impressions incorporate their patented realistic wick design, which conceals the LED bulbs within the candle and keeps them hidden from sight. Made from real wax, these battery-operated candles give the look and feel of an open flame without the fire hazards. They feature a little burnt wick on top, just like in a real candle, and have a gorgeous flicker and glow that creates that authentic candle lighting people love. Safe, clean, and reusable, scented flameless candles are a great way to appeal to our senses and change our moods without ever putting your home or space at risk of a fire.


As the original inventor of the flameless candle, Candle Impressions has exhibited a commitment to excellence and innovation by incorporating several convenience technologies into their products. They offer candles that can be controlled via remote and have programmable functions that help make their products easy to use and maintain. Candles can be turned on and off from halfway across the room, while homeowners can choose to have their candles follow a set timer which will automatically control their candlelight. With a number of scents available, Candle Impressions has all the benefits of traditional candles, without the dangerous hazards.

Battery Run Times

One of the most distinguishing features of products manufactured by Candle Impressions is the superior battery life their candles possess. With over 3,000 hours of battery life, owners can feel comfortable knowing that their LED candles are built to last. Open flame candles have to be replaced quite often and replacement costs can get expensive over time. With an LED candle, once the batteries run out, simply replace the batteries and you have a brand new candle once again.
Scented flameless candles with a timer function have become an increasingly popular option for people looking for the ambience of a real flame, without the fire hazards and risks that come along with it. They give the style and design elements that open flame candles provide, but with additional functionality and convenience that make them very easy to use. Candle impressions is the largest and most innovative manufacturer of flameless candles in the world, creating products that can operate in extreme weather, heat, and even rain. Customers may be drawn to the lovely scent of Candle Impressions in your store, but it’s the beautiful candlelight that will lead to repeat purchases. 

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Why Candle Impressions?

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