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Remote control flameless candles are a convenient and safe way to illuminate the home, both indoors and outdoors. Open flame candles can be inconvenient and are a constant fire hazard. Outdoors, they are rendered useless in poor weather conditions, rain, or high winds, making them less than ideal for illuminating the yard. Flameless candles can provide the ambience and glow of traditional open flame candles, without the hassle of constantly replacing, lighting, and blowing out candles. More people are choosing LED candles to replace their open flame candles because battery-operated candles provide additional safety, convenience, and efficiency. Paired with a remote control, these candles can be placed high up on shelves and in other hard-to-reach places. With outdoor options, you can place candles in hanging lanterns or under shrubs and light them from the comfort of your patio.

Realistic Design

Made from real wax, your flameless LED candles will look and feel just like the real thing and even feature a little burnt wick on top of the candle, just like the real thing. With the bulb well concealed within the candle, a randomized flicker helps to imitate the glow of a traditional open flame candle. LED candles are available in nearly every style, size, and seasonal dressing, making replacing all of your candlelight décor simple and easy, especially with convenient remote lighting options. Plastic resign outdoor options are also available that can withstand rain, heat, and wind.

Moving-Flame Design

Moving-flame candles, like Mirage by Candle Impressions, feature an exterior flame design that perfectly mimics a traditional candle. These candles are gorgeous statement pieces, with smaller options available for candle holders and lanterns. Turn them on from half-way across the room with your remote control for instant beauty. Made of real wax with an assortment of colors, textures, and sizes, there is a Mirage candle for every decorating need. If you want some of your candles to turn on every day, say in your front windows, simply set the timer and they will automatically light with no remote control necessary.

Ultimate Convenience

Candles are a great way to set the mood and provide a soft, pleasant light, both inside and outside of the home. While at first remote-controlled candlelight may just seem like a luxury, the amount of convenience and peace of mind that it can provide is invaluable. Now, people can turn their candles on or off with the click of the button, without having to move from the couch or patio. This can be especially useful when LED candles are used to illuminate the yard. Normally homeowners would have to light and blow out each candle individually every night. However, with remote controlled flameless candles, they have the option of turning the candles on without having to maneuver through gardens or they can choose to have the candles turn on and off on a set schedule, making them completely hassle-free.
Choosing remote control flameless candles is a convenient and safe way to illuminate a home, inside and out. While open flame candles pose considerable fire hazards and cannot be left unattended, LED candles provide the ambience and glow of candlelight without the risk of fire. For those who want the look of a moving flame without the hassles involved with maintenance and care, LED candles are a perfect solution to illuminate your home.  

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