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Lighting candles been a way for people to change the atmosphere and set a relaxing mood in any given space, making them staple gift items. However, many times open flames pose considerable risks that don’t allow us to fully enjoy the ambience and soft light that candlelight provides. Once the candles are lit, they become an instant fire risk and cannot be left unattended. Open flame candles are not your typical set-it-and-forget-it type of décor. Flameless candles have become a popular gift idea that promotes safety and beauty in the home, without taking from the ambience and relaxing elements of a candlelit environment. LED candles are long lasting, efficient, and safe. Remote control flameless candle sets add even more features and conveniences to the equation, with timer features and the ability to set the mood with the click of a button. Here are a few reasons why people are choosing to replace their open flame candles with remote control flameless candles.

Place Them Anywhere

When choosing a place for open flame candles, people need to exercise caution and ensure that they keep their candles away from flammable objects. This means that you cannot burn your candles near bedding, carpets, books, papers, or blankets. If you believe that something might be flammable, you’ll have to place your candle in a safer area. With LED candles, you can enjoy the ambience and relaxing elements of a softly lit candle from nearly anywhere. Since they do not generate heat, they can be placed in your bed, bath, or dining area without worrying that something might catch fire.

Leave Them Unattended

It can be difficult to always have your eyes on a lit candle, especially around the house. A relaxing night in can turn into a busy afternoon rather quickly, especially if you have children or pets. With an open flame candle, leaving it unattended is asking for all sorts of problems. At best, you’ll burn the candle down to its last wits and have to replace it with another, but you could be in a lot more trouble if something happens to catch fire or if the candle damages your furniture. Flameless candles pose no such fire hazards or risks. You can move to a different room without having to worry about blowing out every last candlewick.


Remote control flameless candle sets are an easy way to create an instant candle garden and start a flameless collection. Buying the candles in sets, for example a set of 3, reduces the cost and makes for a great gift item. Whether you prefer scattering candles around your yard and house or grouping them together for a statement look, remote control flameless candle sets with remote controls are a great way achieve a beautiful look. With indoor and outdoor options available, there is a remote control flameless candle set available for every season.
Remote control flameless candle sets are not only safer than open flame candles, but also much more convenient. Safe, clean, and reusable, they have become a popular décor element and gift found in many homes, offices, and businesses. Candlelight provides an ambient, relaxing atmosphere that can sometimes be ruined by the consistent care involved in monitoring an open flame. LED candles give the look and feel of a moving flame, without the fire risks, allowing people to enjoy the moment rather than worry about the placement of their candles. Including remote control flameless candle sets in your store is a great way to get your customers started on flameless candles. 

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