Using an Outdoor Moving Flame Candle

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When the party moves outdoors, there’s no reason why your customer’s moving flame candlelight can’t follow the party.

Benefits of Outdoor Moving Flame Candles

Look for high quality flameless candles so your customers can take advantage of their robust nature. A good flameless candle company will offer weather-resistant options that can burn under circumstances when a traditional candle would fizzle or be a hazard. Being resistant to heat, rain, and wind are definite selling points for outdoor flameless candles. When your customers see how a battery-operated candle can fit in—and improve—their lifestyle, you’re more likely to increase sales.

Taking the Moving Flame Candle Outdoors

Flameless candles offer versatility that traditional candles just can’t offer. Because they are safer than traditional candles, they can be used in conditions where you wouldn’t dare light a candle with an actual flame. Your customers may not consider the freedom of using a battery-operated candle during windy conditions on a patio or during a backyard party.
Flameless outdoor candles can be used around the pool, patio, and even brought camping. They provide safe candlelight that can set the mood for a fun summer party or serve as important pathway or pool markers to avoid accidental falls.
Flameless outdoor candles are especially great for lanterns. Some companies, like Mirage by Candle Impressions, sells outdoor metal lanterns with integrated candles for easy use. If you carry lanterns in your store, consider pairing them with outdoor flameless candles; it will be an easy sell once your customers realize the LED candle will protect their other lantern investments from wax and soot damage.

Programmable Timers

High quality all-weather candles are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your customers’ needs. Mirage outdoor pillars by Candle Impressions are made of a plastic resin that feels like wax, but won’t melt in the heat or go out on a windy day.  The moving flame design of these candles looks just like a real flame and is a great summer gift item with a number of timer options.
A programmable candle is a great way for your customers to control their candles. They can set them to turn on and off at certain times and to burn for anywhere between 1 – 23 hours. This means that outdoor displays, such as Halloween or Christmas decorations, can be set to light up at a certain time each night. You can also use them in paper lanterns without the risk of fire. Advise your customers to add sand to their paper lanterns to decrease the odds of tipping over on a windy day. Programmable timers also make it possible for customers to return home to the welcoming glow of a flickering candle in their outdoor wall sconce and inside their home instead of a dark house.
One of the great benefits of an outdoor weather-resistant moving flame candle is that it’s easy for your customers to enjoy them almost anywhere. Whether alone or paired with a lantern, outdoor moving flame candles are a booming trend in home décor and a hot gift item in the spring and summer months. 

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