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For people choosing to replace their flame-burning candles with the convenience and safety of an LED candle, finding a candle that has a beautiful design that still allows for a long battery life can be difficult. Choosing the longest lasting flameless candle is about battery life, quality manufacturing, and innovation. LED candles are heralded for their superior utility, convenience, and safety. Open flames present considerable fire risks, no matter where they are placed. Today, battery-operated LED candles have become a safe alternative to flame burning candles, as they are able to give the look and ambiance of a flame without generating any heat. Rugged enough for the outdoors, yet safe enough for children to light, LED candles have become a popular choice for homeowners, businesses, campers, and backpackers.

Reliable Light Source

Aside from a realistic look and feel, battery life tends to be the most discerning quality when a consumer chooses one LED candle over another.. With over 3,000 hours of battery life on a single pair of batteries, products by Candle Impressions offer over 2,000 hours more battery life than the next leading competitor. A flameless candle is a reliable light source that works when you need it most, without presenting a fire risk or messy clean up. If you are environmentally conscious, pairing Candle Impressions with rechargeable batteries is a great option for you: it reduces waste and eliminates the toxins and soot some traditional candles emit.

Source From a Reputable Manufacturer

As the original inventor of the flameless candle design, Candle Impressions has established itself as the most innovative and best selling flameless candle manufacturer. Candle Impressions is a company that prides itself on providing the highest quality flameless candles at affordable prices. Since inventing the flameless candle, they have gone onto incorporate convenience technologies into their products, such as remote controls and programmable features, that have made their products easier to use and more convenient. They have also incorporated other innovations into their products that have made them resistant to poor weather conditions that may not be suitable for flame-burning candles and added moving-flame designs to their collection under the "Mirage” brand name. Candle Impressions exhibits their commitment to high-quality manufacturing by supporting all of its products with an industry leading warranty. As the largest flameless candle manufacturer in the world, they also sport the lowest defect rates, meaning products are assured to arrive to your store in good, working condition.
Choosing the longest lasting flameless candle is about finding a manufacturer who exhibits a consistent commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Replacing flame-burning candles with LED candles is a good choice based on the utility, safety, and longevity. Consumers value superior battery life in a reliable light source. Products made by Candle Impressions stand out in this regard, providing believable candlelight for 2,000 hours longer than the next nearest competitor. Whether indoors or outdoors, people want a reliable light source that doesn’t require frequent maintenance or care. LED candles are a safe and convenient alternative that can provide the look of moving flame without the risk of fire. 

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