The Long Lasting LED Candle Is a Safe Replacement

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Many people are replacing their open flame candles with the more convenient, long lasting LED candle. Authentic LED candles provide the look of traditional burning candle without the risk of fire and stresses of monitoring an open flame. Open flame candles tend be a bit messy, dripping wax on surfaces and leaving candleholders in bad shape. Furthermore, they must be placed in safe areas away from flammable objects and should never be left unattended or within the reach of children. Of course, this poses considerable risk in most households and businesses. LED candles are a much safer alternative that give the same look, feel, and ambience that people love about their flame-burning candles, but without the fire hazards or clean-up.

Peace of Mind

LED candles are safe in nearly any environment. Homeowners do not have to worry about flammable objects or their children knocking down the candleholder while playing indoors. Flameless candles are a perfect way to bring a soft light into the children’s bedroom or play area without risking any mishaps. No more matches or lighters means that your children are less likely to get hurt playing with fire. Your LED candle can be left on and unattended without posing the risk of fire and can even be turned on and off via timer or remote control. This gives users the ultimate convenience of being able to turn the candles on from halfway across the room or have their children light the candle with absolutely no risks.

Outdoor Use

Flameless candles have become extremely popular for outdoor use. Durable enough for the outdoors, some flameless candles are manufactured to withstand extreme weather, heat, and rain. Since there is no flame to blow out, campers and backpackers choose LED candles as a reliable light source when they step outside. LED candles are also perfect for the family camping trip as well, as parents will not have to worry about the open flame in the kid’s tent. These features also make LED candles the perfect décor for a romantic dinner underneath the stars, as the cool summer breeze is not going turn the lights out on your patio.


Open flame candles run out and need to be replaced on a consistent basis. This can get expensive quickly if you find yourself constantly replacing your flame-burning candles. Authentic LED candles by Candle Impressions have around 3,000 hours of battery life, meaning you will be able to reuse your candle time and time again. No one wants to find themselves searching for batteries in the dark or while they are trying to prepare dinner or host a party.
Choosing a long lasting LED candle to replace your flame-burning candles is a logical choice. Open flame candles are expensive, inefficient, and inconvenient. They present numerous fire hazards and risks that make them unsuitable for certain environments. LED candles provide the style and ambience of open flame candles with additional function and convenience. Flameless candles have become a popular alternative that is both durable enough for the outdoors and safe enough to be around children and pets. 

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