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Candles have long been used to create atmosphere and set a mood. A popular gift given on numerous occasions, candles are equally suitable as a birthday present or housewarming gift. Candles are fun, they look good, and they appeal to our senses, while giving off a soft, pleasing ambience. However, open flames also pose considerable risk and are not necessarily suited for every home environment. More people are gravitating towards LED candles as a safer and more efficient way to get the ambience of candlelight, without the mess, worry, or risk of fire. A long lasting flameless candle can even pay for itself over time. With over 3,000 hours of available battery life on each pair of batteries, owners will not have to incur the expenses involved with constantly replacing their candles and hard-to-clean candleholders.


Realistic Wick Design


Flameless candles by Candle Impressions incorporate a realistic wick design to give the look of a traditional candle, whether on or off. Made with real wax, your LED candle will give the look and feel of a real flame-burning candle, while the randomized flicker will help to imitate   glow of a real candle. Your flame-free candles will give the image of believable candlelight without generating heat or any fire hazards.


Moving Flame Design


Mirage by Candle Impressions uses moving-flame technology create the look of an open flame, without the associated fire risks. Mirage candles create a bright, dancing flame movement and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Mirage candles have the best value in the industry with a number of features, including timers and remote control compatibility, and long battery run times. Moving-flame LED candles are top trend in home décor, making them a perfect gifts and staple inventory items.


Innovative Technologies


As a leader in innovation, Candle Impressions has embedded programmable technologies into their products. Some candles can be controlled via remote, while others have programmable timers that provide users with the ultimate convenience. Candle Impressions products also feature the longest battery run times in the industry, which is a very desirable selling feature to consumers looking to cut battery costs.  


No Risk of Fire


Perhaps most importantly, your battery-operated LED candles will pose no risk of fire. While open flame candles must be placed in safe areas and should never be left unattended, your flameless LED candle poses no fire risks. Users can leave their candles on and unattended since they generate little to no heat. They are also safe for environments where children may be present.


The long lasting flameless candle has become the safer alternative that provides the look and ambience of moving flame without risking fire or any sort of mess. With superior battery life and programmable features, these candles have taken efficiency and convenience to another level, while eliminating the concerns that come along with an open flame. This year when you choose to give a candle to a loved one, give the present of peace of mind and safety as well. 

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