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A flickering tea light gives the ambience and glow of a traditional candle, without the heat or fire risks associated with open flames. Flameless candles have become a popular décor element both indoors and outdoors; used for their superior safety, utility, and convenience, these LED candles do not compromise in terms of aesthetics either. These candles give the authentic look and feel of a flame-burning candle with a randomized flicker to imitate a dancing flame. Options are available where the LED bulbs are hidden from sight, concealed within the wax, giving the impression of believable candlelight with a realistic wick on top of the candle.


What Are Tea Light Candles?


Tea light candles are small candles enclosed in metal casings, allowing the candle to liquefy completely while lit. They are typically circular, wider than their height, and generally inexpensive. They tend to give off a low level of light output, thus it is common to have multiple tea light candles burning simultaneously. These open flame candles do pose a major fire risk as they can become extremely hot; it is important to keep any flammable materials far from these candles. A typical tea light candle will burn anywhere from 3 to 5 hours, depending on the quality of the wax, the wick, and their size. These candles also give off a considerable amount of heat, an effect that can be magnified by burning numerous candles together. Since they are housed in metal casings, the metal can heat to extreme temperatures causing it to damage the underlying surface. If the candle tips or the wax spills out of the metal, a fire can start and spread very rapidly.


Choosing a Flameless Candle


Flameless candles are great for decorative purposes and creating the atmosphere for a relaxing night in. They do not generate considerable heat and are not a fire hazard, making them very safe for nearly any environment. Choosing a flameless tea light candle can reduce your risk of damage and fire, while reducing the heat given off by multiple candles. These candles are also reusable, with long lasting battery life that helps owners avoid constantly relighting or replacing traditional open flame candles. Some flameless candle designs also have programmable convenience technologies, such as timers and remote controls, allowing users to have their candles turned on and off automatically on a daily basis.


Flameless candles come in nearly every style, size, and seasonal dressing. While tea light candles can be inexpensive, they pose considerable fire risk. Choosing a flickering tea light candle allows homeowners to achieve the ambience and glow of multiple tea lights without jeopardizing the safety of their environment. They are great for setting the mood or accenting your existing décor. Since they can be reused time and time again, flickering tea light candles can become a permanent element of your home décor. With a wide variety of colours and textures, flameless candles can provide the relaxing atmosphere and elegance of a traditional candle. 

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