Flameless Wall Sconces

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Flameless Wall Sconces

Wall sconces, or decorative wall brackets used for holding candles or lights, developed from the need to contain small torches or candles used for illumination. Monks in the labyrinthine corridors of monasteries and miners deep underground began to think about safer and more effective ways to provide illumination. They developed handheld candle sconces from metal and glass that contained the flames and helped to light their way. This practice inspired designers to devise decorative wall-mounted fixtures to hold candles, and soon, wall sconces became common. In cathedrals, castles and grand homes, sconces were often ornate, combining craftsmanship with utility to create pieces of decorative art.
The sconce remained an important decorative and practical element throughout the centuries, although, with the introduction of electric light, its purpose became mainly aesthetic. Iron was often the metal used to create the early sconces, since it was available in most places, and was durable and sturdy. Modern candle wall sconces can be made from various materials, and often represent a homage to the past – a tip of the hat to an earlier romantic era. Today, many people have discovered the advantages of flameless candles and install wall sconces designed to hold these battery-operated candles.

Hanging a Wall Sconce

Wall sconces can be useful in public locations such as museums, art galleries, trade show exhibits, offices, conference rooms, studies, churches, restaurants, taverns, hotels or libraries. In your home, hallways and entryways are common areas for installation, since these areas can often benefit from additional light. However, many people like to hang sconces in rooms where they serve a purely decorative purpose, such as the bedroom, bathroom or living room.
Generally, wall sconces are installed at a height of 66 inches to 72 inches above floor level. If sconces are used in a hallway, they are usually spaced about 8 feet to 10 feet apart and should be placed so that a given wall sconce on one wall is facing the area between two on the opposing wall. Most sconces are very easy to install and can be hung in a matter of minutes.
Sconces designed to hold flameless candles often employ candles with built-in timers. This way, homeowners can easily turn the light source on without having to touch the sconce for months. Flameless candles use batteries and quality products to give hundreds, or even thousands, of hours of candlelight before their batteries need to be replaced.

Choosing a Supplier

If you’re considering carrying flameless candles as inventory, it’s a good idea to choose a company that offers a wide variety of products in various sizes, colors and types, as well as accessories like wall sconces. Some of the best-selling flameless candle items include seasonal candles, scented flameless candles and specialty items such as floating candles or outdoor candles.
Flameless candles are safe, economical and attractive. Contact a supplier to learn more about the types of products available and how you can introduce them to your customers.

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