Flameless Pillar Candles

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Flameless Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are the most elegant of candles, with a classic design wedded to provide a warm glow and clear light. Not only are pillar candles popular for home décor, they’re also a staple at parties and events. These beautiful candles are cylindrical, with a usual diameter of 3” to 4”, and heights ranging from 3” to 12”. Many decorators like to group pillars of varying heights together for effect. Creamy white or ivory is a common color for pillars, but red is also beautiful for certain themes, with many other colors and wax textures available, including ombre, the season’s hottest candle trend.
New wax flameless designs for pillar candles allow those who love candles, but worry about fire hazards, to decorate the way they want. With new realistic designs and sophisticated LED technology, flameless pillar candles create the warm and intimate ambience you want, with complete safety. These candles can be used in spaces where open flames are prohibited, such as schools, hotels, dorm rooms, on stage and more. They also provide peace of mind for people who have small children or pets who could be injured by traditional candles.
Some suppliers also offer outdoor pillars. These large and bright candles are made of rain-resistant resin that’s designed to last through the elements. Outdoor pillars work well for patios, gardens, pools and beaches. They can also, of course, be used indoors for dramatic effect.
There are a number of variations available, such as slim pillars with smaller diameters. Even mini-pillars are available from better suppliers.

LED Light, Batteries and Controllers

Flameless candles mimic conventional candles in many aspects. Some flameless pillars even used scented wax to provide the smell and feeling of traditional candles. Better flameless candles use LED light to create the illusion of a "moving” flame. These products may also incorporate a realistic looking wick with a random flickering effect to mimic a low-burning candle. Some of the newest designs are so natural looking that they’re nearly indistinguishable from conventional wax candles.
Quality wholesalers know that clients want candles that use battery power efficiently. Pillars often use "C” or "D” batteries, and better products will provide up to 3,000 hours of candlelight before the original batteries need to be replaced. Some may be compatible with rechargeable batteries. It’s estimated that people who use candles on a regular basis can save up to 75% of their usual candle budget by investing in flameless products.
Another feature of better flameless candles is the timer. Control the timing and duration of your candle’s light-time by programming it, or by turning it on or off with a remote control. You can customize the time your candle comes on each day and program it to last from one to twenty-three hours,. ensuring that candles will only be used when they are needed will help you save energy. Being able to use a remote control for programming also allows you to place candles in difficult-to-reach spots. The extreme convenience of the flameless candle can’t be matched.
Speak to a supplier for more information about the availability, versatility and popularity of flameless pillar candles. 

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