Benefits of a Flameless Moving Flame Wick Candle with Timer for Your Customers

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If your customers are hesitant to purchase battery-operated candles, it’s time to introduce them to a flameless moving flame wick candle with timer options. That way they can reap the benefits of these modern alternatives to traditional candles.

Benefits of Going Flameless

The most obvious and well-known benefit of flameless candles is that they are safer than traditional candles. There’s no threat of fire or injury if a flameless candle is knocked over by a child or the family pet. In fact, a customer who is shopping for a nightlight suitable for an older child is the perfect candidate for a flameless candle with timer. The candle’s timer can be set for a certain number of hours so it doesn’t disrupt the child’s sleep. Without the threat of fire, these candles are also a beautiful way to replicate traditional Christmas tree lights or safe alternatives for paper lanterns and other decorations.
Flameless candles won’t melt and lose their shape. That means special shapes and designs can be used year after year without distorting or becoming unrecognizable. This appeals to treasure hunters who are looking for something unique for their holiday collection, along with people who want quality and longevity.
A battery-operated candle should also offer a long time between battery changes. The Mirage Candle by Candle Impressions offers up to 650 hours before you need to change the batteries. It also has a remote control so your customers don’t even have to get off the couch to start their candles. It’s also a great asset to your own store window displays since flameless candles can be operated from a distance, without the risk of fire or the inconvenience of climbing in and out of the display.

Modern Flameless Candles

Your customers may be hesitant to try flameless candles because they remember the days of plastic candles with silicone bulbs sticking up. Those days are gone with today’s flameless candles. featuring moving flames and burnt wicks.
With a flickering flame, flameless candles offer the same dancing light as traditional candles. The moving flame effect creates a dancing light that looks like just like the burning flame on a candle. The clean, warm light is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere.


One of the best features of modern flameless candles is the timer. You can find candles that can be set to stay on for 5 or 10 hours, starting at a pre-programmed time. If you prefer a shorter or longer "burn,” other LED candles offer the option of programming your preferred burn time between one and 23 hours long. A glowing candle is a welcome change to coming home to a dark house after work. It can also be used to cover for vacations so the house looks occupied. Every thief knows a burning candle must mean someone is home since no one would leave a candle burning when they leave their house.

With its moving flame and burnt wick, a flameless candle with a timer is a stylish and less dangerous alternative for your customers, especially those with small children or pets, and Mirage is available in taper, votive, outdoor, and lantern options.

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