Flameless Candles: Bulk Purchases

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Flameless Candles: Bulk Purchases

If your buyers are looking for products that appeal to today’s customers, flameless candles should probably top the list. These versatile items are popular with those interested in home décor, those who decorate for special occasions, and gift-givers. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, flameless LED candles are more beautiful and realistic than ever, combining aesthetic appeal with safety and economic benefits.

Why Flameless Candles?

Here are some of the reasons why customers purchase battery-operated LED candles:
  • Safety is a concern. We all love the flickering glow created by candlelight. It creates a warm and inviting ambience, and is conducive to relaxation and romance. However, candles can be dangerous. A poorly placed candle, or one that’s knocked over accidentally, can cause a potentially life-threatening house fire. Why not opt for peace of mind? Today’s flameless candles are virtually indistinguishable from conventional candles, yet they can be placed anywhere without creating a safety hazard.
  • Long lasting effects are desired. Flameless candles, unlike regular candles, will stay lit for many, many hours. In fact, better flameless products boast 3,000 hours of operation and work with rechargeable batteries. While an ordinary candle will burn down in a short period of time, a flameless candle can provide gentle, flickering illumination for extended periods of time.
  • Convenience is a requirement. Innovations in the design of flameless candles mean that some products are programmable or responsive to remote command. Turn candles on and off with a convenient remote controller, or set a timer to have them operating at certain times of the day on a regular basis. You can even use candles outside, with "all-weather” flameless candles designed for outdoor use.
  • Conventional candles are banned. Many organizations refuse to allow open flames. However, you may have an activity or performance that could be greatly enhanced by the use of candlelight. Teachers may want to create a spooky Halloween atmosphere, for example, or religious leaders may desire a quiet and reverent space. Yet, many times, candles are not allowed to be used in educational settings. Flameless candles are perfect under these circumstances. Another use for battery-operated candles is performance: fire on stage is a hazard for both performers and audience, yet there may be times when a candle is desired for effect. Choirs singing Christmas carols, for instance, or theatre troupes doing plays set before the invention of electric light may want to use candlelight during performance. Again, flameless candles can be the answer.
  • Customers are searching for meaningful gifts. Often, a candle is a great gift. These items are not too expensive, yet they can be beautiful and meaningful. Today’s flameless candles come in many color options, suitable for any color scheme. They may feature ornamental glass or metal holders, they may even be tailored for specific recipients, such as candles that contain messages about friendship, sisterhood or motherhood.

Buying in Bulk

Better candle wholesalers offer various options to retailers. These may include introductory bulk packages featuring a variety of different products or lower prices on a specific type of candle when purchased in larger quantities.
Contact a flameless candle company today and learn more about the potential of these beautiful, versatile products!

Online Ordering Now Available for Registered Gift Stores

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