Benefits of a Flameless Candle with Moving Flame for Your Customers

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A flameless candle with moving flame lights is a safe alternative to traditional candles; and with the advances in technology and crafting, your customers can buy flameless candles that look just like the real thing.


Flameless candles with moving flames offer many benefits for your customers. They are safer than traditional candles — especially for people with small children or pets. In fact, you may want to position them as an alternative to nightlights for kids who are uneasy in the dark but feel too old for an actual nightlight. Beautiful and realistic flameless LED candles can also be used to decorate Christmas trees or inside of paper lanterns.


Battery-operated candles offer a longevity that traditional candles just can’t match. The candle won’t melt, so special holiday shapes or hard-to-reach sconce candles won’t have to be replaced. Many candles offer a fantastic long life. For example, the Mirage Candle by Candle Impressions lasts up to 650 hours without a battery change. With the available remote control, your customer can control their candle from across the room. It also makes this flameless candle a good option for store and window displays since you can turn it on and off without climbing into the display itself.


Advances in Flameless Candle Technology


Flameless candles have come a long way since they were first introduced. There’s no need for tacky plastic with glass or plastic "flames” showing.


The key to the best artificial candles is the moving light where the flame should be. The moving, flickering and dancing flame looks just like an actual candle. This means that your customers don’t have to sacrifice ambience for safety.


Flameless candles also offer options that include remote controls and programmable timers. You can find timers that can be set to turn the candle on at a set time and run for hours. If your customers prefer more freedom, offer candles that can be programmed to run anywhere from one to 23 hours. These are a great option for people who live alone and can’t stand coming home to a dark, unwelcoming home. They’re also good for people heading out on vacation and want to have lights visible in the house. After all, who would go out and leave a candle burning? They give the impression of someone being at home.


Outdoor lovers can take advantage of weather-resistant candles and lanterns that come with a candle included. If you carry candle accessories, consider complementing them with moving-flame votives: they’ll show of the beautiful candleholders, while protecting them from wax damage.


Some people may be wary of switching to flameless candles, remembering the tacky, fake-looking options that used to be available. It’s time to introduce your customers to the stylish and realistic LED candles available today, with their dancing flames and gorgeous wax designs. A flameless candle with moving flame is a great alternative to traditional candles for your customers and for use in your store.

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