Flameless Candle Votives

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Flameless Candle Votives

The emergence of flameless candles as one of the most popular products on the market has taken many home décor experts by surprise. Although flameless LED candles have been around for several years, improvements in the design and technology of these products has led to a soaring rise in their popularity. Flameless candle votives, tea lights, pillars, tapers, and even outdoor "all-weather” candles are in demand for both home decoration and giftware.
Flameless votives can be purchased in various sizes and colours. These items are available and are often used for dining rooms or in commercial settings. They’re also a favourite for candle lovers, as their gentle glow is perfect for creating an ambience of warmth and intimacy and they fit into all standard candleholders.

Realistic LED Candles

Votives and many other styles of candles are available in flameless versions that are more realistic than ever before. While early LED candles had a small plastic bulb that represented a flame, today’s versions are far more natural looking. Better companies manufacture wax-finish votives and other types of candles that mimic the look, feel and scent of traditional candles. These candles even have "wicks” that lend the products the look of conventional candles when they are lit, or even when they are not. A "moving” LED flame with flickering effects creates the feeling of real fire without the hazards of an open flame.
In addition to the more conventional candle styles, LED products are also available in specialty styles such as scented candles, seasonal and novelty candles for holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day, candles designed to be given as gifts to friends, teachers, or family members, and even floating candles.

The Flameless Advantage

People who use LED candles point to the many advantages of these products. These include:
  • Economical. Buying battery-operated candles will save customers money in the long run. It’s estimated that users will save about 75% of a candle budget.
  • Safe. Because open flames can be dangerous, there are many places where you can’t use a conventional candle, such as schools, hotels and dorm rooms. At home, careless placement of a candle can result in a blaze, and pets or small children can be burned or cause a fire. Flameless candles are completely safe and can be used anywhere, any time. They provide the same warm candlelight glow as traditional candles, but they also provide peace of mind.
  • Convenient. Flameless candles can be transported anywhere. Many now also come equipped with timers that can be set or controlled with a remote. Turn candles on and off at specific time intervals to save money and effort.
  • Durable. Today’s better flameless candles are built to last and to have long battery run times. Some are rechargeable, and many even have warranties.
  • Beauty. Better flameless candles lend elegance and beauty to any room. With colours to match any décor and candleholders available in various materials and design styles, customers can find the perfect candles for every space and occasion.
Speak with a flameless candle supplier today and learn more about these innovative and versatile products.

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