Benefits of Using Flameless Candles in the Fall

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Fall Flameless Candles

If you’re looking for an eye-catching item for fall, stock the latest in flameless candles. Whether they’re designed for inside or outdoors, your customers can enjoy the flickering flame of LED candles without the risks.

Benefits of Battery-Operated Candles

High quality flameless candles provide benefits that traditional candles can’t match. Besides the obvious safety benefits, there are convenience features, like remote controls and timers, that traditional candles cannot offer. Many companies also offer colored LED bulbs with color-changing options. Best of all, since the candles won’t melt while lit, you can enjoy fun, custom candles, like Jack-o’-Lanterns, ghosts, witches and more. They’ll never warp and lose their cute designs!  

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Flameless candles are a great alternative to traditional candles when your customers are decorating for seasonal events and parties. These are candles that thrive and look gorgeous under circumstances when you wouldn’t normally be able to light a candle. For example, they don’t present the same fire risk when placed inside a paper lantern. On a windy day, just place sand in the bag to prevent tipping and your display will keep its light even during the windiest, drizzliest days. Halloween and Christmas displays are also prime candidates for flameless candles.
LED candles are also good for offices. Commercial buildings may prohibit the burning of traditional candles, but your customers can enjoy the flickering, dancing flame of a battery-operated candle without breaking office rules or creating a fire hazard.

Other Innovations of Flameless Candles

Offer a selection of sizes for your customers. For example, Candle Impressions’ outdoor premium pillars are available in 6” to 12” sizes. They offer the beauty of wax but won’t melt in the sun or blow out on windy days. They even have a burnt wick that gives them the authentic look of traditional candles.
A great selling point for fall’s hottest and trendiest flameless candles are the programmable timer that gives your customers control over when their candles start and stop. They can program their candles to start when it’s dark or to run for a certain amount of time. That makes them perfect for holiday displays for celebrations like Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Since it’s getting darker earlier during the fall, suggest that your customers consider the welcoming warmth of having flameless candles greet them when they get home at night. It’s a great alternative to a dark house.
Many stylish fall flameless candles also offer the convenience of remote controls. That means your customers can turn their candles on and off at the touch of a button. That makes them perfect for chandeliers, wall sconces, and other hard-to-reach areas. And with the longevity of flameless candles, your customers are saving time and money by making the switch.
Fall is the perfect time to switch to flameless candles. Your customers can take advantage of the benefits and convenience of flameless candles inside and outside, during the fall holidays, and while enjoying fun designs and festive colors.

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