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Bulk Order LED Candles

If you carry wax and scented candles in your shop, you may want to consider bulk ordering LED candles. These products are rapidly gaining in popularity for a number of different reasons, including:
  • Beauty. LED candles have come a long way in recent years, with premium companies using technological and design advances to create realistic looking candles in various sizes, shapes and colours. From outdoor lanterns to slim pillars, from votives to decorative and seasonal candles, all types of beautiful battery-operated candles are available. Some companies offer candles featuring decorative designs, inspirational sayings, and candle accessories.
  • Safety. For those who love the flicker and glow of conventional candles but are concerned about safety, LED candles provide the ambience without the hazard of open flames. Customers who have children or pets may be particularly concerned about this aspect, since candles can be so easily knocked over, leading to fires and wax damage. Careless placement of a conventional candle can also lead to blazes. Performers, from church choirs to professional theatre ensembles, also appreciate the safety of realistic-looking LED candles. When you need the effect of candles without the worry of an open flame, LED candles are the answer.
  • Convenience. LED candles are simple to handle, transport, and use. Advances in technology mean that better LED candles have thousands of hours of battery life. Other features offered by some premium companies include remote controlled candles and candles that can be programmed to turn on or off at certain times of the day.

Choosing the Right Flameless Candles

When ordered in bulk, flameless candles can be remarkably profitable. In fact, some gift shops count these attractive items among their bestsellers. When you partner with a candle company, however, be sure to choose the right one.
Price shouldn’t be the only factor. Some of the features to look for in a premium LED candle company are:
  • Durability. Customers become quickly frustrated when battery life is a problem. Make sure the products you choose offer significant operation time. Of course, candles use different types of batteries, but look for high performing products. Also, construction is important. Candles should be built to last with quality technological components.
  • Realistic look. Flameless candles vary in their authenticity. Don’t settle for candles with exposed LEDs or silicone bulbs when there are beautiful realistic wick and moving-flame options.
  • Design. Be sure that the company you choose has numerous attractive options, such as:
    • Coloured candles. Various colours are essential, since many people like to use LED candles as room décor. Some companies offer rainbow choice, including specialty ombre style multi-colour pillars.
    • Seasonal and specialty candles. Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, candles are one of the most popular gift items for special days. Candles designed especially for mothers, sisters, and friends are also great gift items. Make sure that the company you work with carries a variety of specialized products.
    • Holders: Consider choosing a company that also sells lanterns for their candles. Lanterns are popular gifts and work indoors and outdoors.
  • Capabilities. Better companies sell premium candles with the ability to be controlled with a remote control or with a timer. Make sure your company works with innovative designers and engineers.
LED candles: popular with customers, profitable for your store!

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