PlayFlameless Candle Perfect for Outdoor Use outdoorflamelesscandle

Flameless Candle Perfect for Outdoor Use

By Nick Raffoul
Candles are a great way to set a relaxing mood and change the surrounding atmosphere. However, things can get a little more complicated outdoors, where wind and other weather elements can put out the flame. Choosing an outdoor flameless candle is the modern solution to the problem, ...
PlayChoosing Unscented Moving Wick Candles movingwickcandles

Choosing Unscented Moving Wick Candles

By Nick Raffoul
Clean   Moving wick candles are a good addition to a clean, modern home. With no dripping wax, homeowners can feel comfortable knowing that they won’t have to deal with cleaning candle wax off of their tables and floors and the candles maintain that "new” look, with no warping ...
PlayChoosing LED Moving Flame Wax Candle movingflamewaxcandle

Choosing LED Moving Flame Wax Candle

By Nick Raffoul
LED candles have become an affordable, safe, and convenient way to set the mood and create an ambient atmosphere in any space. With the look of a moving flame, this wax candle provides the look, feel, and flicker of real fire without the hazards.   Clean   The Mirage moving ...
PlayLED Moving Flame Candle with Remote movingflamecandlewithremote

LED Moving Flame Candle with Remote

By Nick Raffoul
Convenience   The Mirage by Candle Impressions gives the look of a moving flame with a remote control option, so you can set the mood from across the room. No more constantly replacing candles, cleaning candleholders or messes caused by dripping wax. The flameless candle gives ...
PlayLED Candle Lanterns Are Safe and Rugged ledcandlelanterns

LED Candle Lanterns Are Safe and Rugged

By Nick Raffoul
What Makes Good LED Candle Lanterns?   Whether you are comparing LED candle lanterns for your home or store, there are some discerning qualities that separate one brand from the next.   Design   The most important thing to consider when buying LED candle lanterns is ...
PlayDecorate Safely with a Glass Jar LED Candle glassjarledcandle

Decorate Safely with a Glass Jar LED Candle

By Nick Raffoul
Choosing Glass Jar LED Candles   When shopping for a candle, a consumer wants a quality light source that lasts a long time and gives a pleasant ambience. Whether in the home, outdoors, or in your place of business, the cost of consistently replacing open flame candles can add ...
PlayHoliday Flameless Candles Make Occasions Special holidayflamelesscandle

Holiday Flameless Candles Make Occasions Special

By Glenna MacDougal
Special Occasion Candles   Candles are often among the bestselling products for stores that specialize in giftware or home décor. Candles remain popular gift items for virtually every occasion from birthdays to Christmas, and from Halloween to Mothers’ Day. In recent years, ...
PlayLED Wax Candles ledwaxcandles

LED Wax Candles

By Glenna MacDougal
LED Technology   There are many reasons to switch from conventional candles to LED flameless candles. One of the major considerations is, of course, safety. In fact, open flame candles are now banned in many locations due to the safety hazard they present. Fortunately, LED technology ...
PlayChristmas Flameless Candles christmasflamelesscandles

Christmas Flameless Candles

By Glenna MacDougal
A Safe and Merry Christmas   Years ago, people decorated their Christmas trees with dozens of small candles, their flickering glow a sign of light coming into the world that this holiday symbolizes. Today, of course, we wouldn’t dream of putting open flames on a tree indoors. ...
PlayFlameless Wax Candles flamelesswaxcandles

Flameless Wax Candles

By Glenna MacDougal
Flameless Wax Candles   If you plan to purchase flameless wax candles in bulk, be sure to consider these criteria: Appearance. Customers want flameless candles that closely resemble traditional wax candles. Popular products have technology that creates the impression ...
PlayFlameless Candle Wholesalers flamelesscandleswholesale

Flameless Candle Wholesalers

By Glenna MacDougal
Flameless Candle Wholesalers   There are many types of candles available from renowned flameless candle wholesalers. One of the best selling types of candles is the pillar, a classic cylindrical candle that comes in various diameters and heights that range from the mini-pillar ...
PlayWax LED Candles waxledcandles

Wax LED Candles

By Glenna MacDougal
Traditional Look, Cutting Edge Performance   Humans are hard-wired to appreciate the flickering glow of candlelight. Ever since we discovered fire, we’ve kept its light at the heart of our homes. However, living with fire is not always a good idea. Too many house fires, injuries ...
PlayRustic LED Candles rusticledcandles

Rustic LED Candles

By Glenna MacDougal
Varieties of Flameless Candles   When choosing a wholesale flameless candle supplier, be sure to select one that carries a wide variety of candle styles and colours. Basic candle styles include: Tea light Votive Tapers Pillars Within each of these categories are many ...
PlayWax Flameless Candles Combine Tradition and Convenience waxflamelesscandle

Wax Flameless Candles Combine Tradition and Convenience

By Glenna MacDougal
Flameless Candle Advantages   Some of the reasons why customers are switching to flameless wax candles include: Safety. Too many fires and burns can be traced back to a single careless moment with an open flame candle. In fact, many institutions have now banned traditional ...
PlayRemote Controlled Candles remotecontrolledcandle

Remote Controlled Candles

By Glenna MacDougal
Candle Convenience   Convenience is a great reason to choose flameless candles and related products. These candles will last for years without requiring replacement; they always look beautiful and they can be controlled with a remote. Do you want to place candles up high or in ...
PlayReal Wax LED Candles with Remote Controls realwaxledcandlewithremote

Real Wax LED Candles with Remote Controls

By Glenna MacDougal
Remote Controlled Candles   One of the great benefits of today’s LED candles is that many are available with remote controls and timers. With this advanced technology, thousands of amazing opportunities for decorating become possible. In the home, for example, you can place candles ...

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